Antiques & Decor

A sampling of our current selection of antiques and decor. Check Instagram and Facebook for daily arrivals!

Large antique Chinese dragon censer. $149.

Maitland-Smith drinking horn vase, $249.99.

Vintage Ozark tourist pottery, various sizes. $19-$49. SOLD

Vintage blue Ozark roadside tourist pottery, various sizes. $49-$199.

15", heavy cast bronze Ganesha seated on a lotus throne. Unmarked. $249. SOLD

15" blue and white mosaic bowl. $99.

Hollywood Regency brass and wood lamps. $129.

Beautiful 15" wooden himachai water pot from India. Likely mid century. $199  SOLD

The ultimate Razorback party piece! J. P. Kayser & Sohn Art Noveau silver plate punch bowl/tureen surmounted by a boar's head, 16.0" W x 16.0" H x 16.0" D. $449. SOLD

10" Gorham Chantilly Bowl #745. $450.

Hathor triad with Pharaoh  Menkaura. 15.75". Resin fine reproduction of a piece in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. $99. SOLD

Antique Chinese censer with bagu pierced lid. 7.5" H x 4.75" D. $149

Hand-illuminated vellum manuscript page in red, blue, and black ink. Framed 2-sided. 14.2" W x 18.25" H. $249. SOLD

Hand-painted, Ethiopian tryptic. 12.5" W x 14.75" H x 1.0" D. $399. SOLD

Antique "Egyptomania" bracelet in 800 silver with porcelain scarabs. 7.5" long. $299.

Brass replica of a medieval Christian dove pyx. 4.75" W x 5.0" H x 5.5" D. Does not open. $59.

Wooden King Tut replica statue from the Cairo Museum, 10.25" W x 22.75" H x 4.25" D. $149.99 SOLD

Pair of late 19th century nephrite jade dragons, some damage, each approximately 5.0" W x 3.0" H x 14.0" D. $499.99. SOLD

Vibrant Turkish kilim runner, approximately 2.5’ W x 8.3’ . $249. SOLD

Hand-knotted Indo-Persian Herati rug,47.0" W x 0.15" H x 70.0" D. $249.99.